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About CareersInPharmaceutical.com

CareersInPharmaceutical.com was founded by an executive recruiter with over 35 years of experience in the recruiting industry. The web site grew from an increased frustration with the big generalist job boards. Tired of spending hours searching through hundreds, if not thousands of unqualified or non-industry resumes, we saw the need for an industry specific employment site. Instead of searching databases using unreliable keywords, we wanted to search by specific criteria. When CareersInPharmaceutical.com was designed, it was done with specific criteria search. The only way to get what we wanted was to design it, so we decided to venture into uncharted waters and do just that.

CareersInPharmaceutical.com is on it's way to becoming the #1 job board for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device manufacturing industry. We offer the most current technology, such as advanced search features, automated agents which deliver jobs and candidates via email and much, much more. We are proud to be your source for finding the perfect job or candidate. We listen to what our users tell us, as many of the extras at CareersInPharmaceutical.com, are the direct result of feedback from people like you.

To our current users, we hope that you continue to choose CareersInPharmaceutical.com for all of your employment needs for years to come. If this is you're first time visiting us, or you are not a current and active user of CareersInPharmaceutical.com, please take this opportunity to see what we offer. Posting a profile/resume is always free to job seekers.


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