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Acambis Inc.

50 Shawmut Road
Canton, MA 02021
Company Information:
Acambis Inc., is located at Canton, MA and is a biotechnology company discovering, developing and manufacturing novel vaccines to prevent and treat infectious diseases.
Recognised internationally as the leading producer of smallpox vaccines, Acambis is developing a second-generation smallpox vaccine that is currently undergoing clinical trials and is manufacturing emergency-use stockpiles of this investigational vaccine for the US Government and other governments around the world.
Acambis is establishing a travel vaccines franchise through its US-based subsidiary Berna Products Corporation, which markets Vivotif®, the world's only licensed oral typhoid vaccine, in North America.
Acambis' goal is to save lives by developing new vaccines to prevent infectious disease. To achieve that, we aim to build a fully integrated company with sustainable revenue and profits to fund innovative research and development and drive continual introduction of new products.

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