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Aderis Pharmaceuticals

2028 Dabney Road, Suite E17
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 358-9468
Company Information:
Aderis Pharmaceuticals is located at Richmond, VA and it develops and commercializes a new generation of pharmaceuticals made possible by biotechnology.
Our candidates include selectively-acting, small molecule therapeutics to improve and protect the quality of life for people living with CNS, cardiovascular and renal diseases. Since our inception we've made significant progress through the combined efforts of our senior management team, our development partners and our expert researchers in biology, pharmacology and synthetic chemistry. We are committed to the business of addressing poorly met medical needs and are proud of the foundation we have built.
Aderis Pharmaceuticals now has five product candidates in nine clinical development programs, and currently in Phase III trials. We've also developed partnerships with Schwarz Pharma AG and King Pharmaceuticals, which provide a strong revenue base for our internal R&D programs.

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