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Bentley Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Two Holland Way
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 658-6100
Company Information:
Bentley Pharmaceuticals Inc., is located at Exeter, NH and is a U.S.-based company that specializes in the development of products based on innovative and proprietary drug delivery systems, which also manufactures, markets and distributes pharmaceutical products for international markets through its European operating subsidiary.
Bentley is negotiating to obtain research partnerships and license agreements with major multinational pharmaceutical companies that have the resources to develop, test and commercialize various product applications, including the treatment of onychomycosis, delivery of insulin, hormone replacement therapies, vaccines and peptides. Partners and licensees would assume the major portion of development costs and compensate Bentley with upfront fees, milestone payments and royalties. The Company will also seek to develop proprietary lines of products at its own formulation laboratory in Exeter, New Hampshire in conjunction with the research departments of various universities. The key methods of delivery Bentley has targeted for potential applications of its technology include transdermal, intranasal (mucosal), oral, ocular, vaginal, buccal/sublingual, suppositories and inhalation.

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