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661 US Highway 1
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
908 730 1400
Company Information:
Celgro is located at Warren, NJ and is Celgene's agrochemical subsidiary, created to help agrochemical companies and farmers by developing more effective crop protection agents through Celgene's proprietary biocatalytic synthesis technology.
Celgro, the Company's wholly owned agrochemical subsidiary, is well positioned to make substantial contributions to the growth of this chiral market. It is an industry leader in modifying naturally occurring biocatalysts (i.e., enzymes) in order to enhance their ability to produce chirally pure compounds on a commercial scale.
Integrated optimization of enzyme structure and chemical reaction, through protein engineering, is key to low-cost biocatalysis. Celgro's world-leading expertise in this area is a testament to multidisciplinary team-work in a small entrepreneurial organization.
In addition, Celgro is exploiting its expertise in chiral chemistry and molecular biology to identify new and chirally-improved agrochemical molecules, and to develop new modes of action through cooperation with Celgene pharmaceutical groups, and by using new advanced screening techniques.
In all these initiatives Celgro enjoys cooperations with major agrochemical companies to develop opportunities and earn royalties on successful commercial outcome.

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