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Clay-Park Laboratories Inc.

1700 Bathgate Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457
718 960-9900
Company Information:
Clay-Park Laboratories Inc., is located at Bronx, NY and promotes health and healthy skin through the development, manufacture, and marketing of generic topical drugs including prescription (Rx), private label over the counter (OTC) and cosmetic products.
Spanning more than 20 years, Clay-Park Labs Inc., has a long-standing history of manufacturing high-quality generic topicals that sell to all major trade classes. Clay-Park's commitment to discover first-to-market, Rx, OTC and cosmetic products is unsurpassed.
Clay-Park is part of an intricate international organization. It is an organization dedicated to R&D and exemplifies dependable APIs to focus on topicals that encompass many forms of dermatological products (creams, ointments, lotions, gels, solutions, suppositories and unit dose).
The pipeline also contains delivery systems including nasal sprays, foams, transdermal hormones and various other types of products that expand the breadth of Clay-Park's offerings.

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