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Reach thousands of passive and active job seekers specific to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industries..

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Unlimited Job Posting

Tired of being charged outrageous prices for each individual job you post on the generalist job boards? At CIP our subscription rates include an unlimited number of job postings, making CIP more valuable to both subscribers and candidates.

Unlimited Candidate Searches

Unlike Careerbuilder and Monster, CareersInPharmaceutical.com does not charge additional fees for viewing candidate resumes. We've found that allowing our subscribers to view resumes greatly improves the probability of filling positions as well as increases the candidates likelihood of being found and hired.

Now finding the perfect candidate is even easier: simply enter the specific qualifications you're seeking and receive notification via email each time a matching profile is posted.

Quality Checked and Current Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Candidates

CIP candidates are quality checked daily to ensure only pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech professionals populate the database, reducing the time necessary to review candidates by eliminating unqualified resumes.

Have you ever located the perfect candidate on another job board only to find the resume outdated? At CIP if a job seeker fails to log into their account regularly, their profile expires and is removed from the database, eliminating obsolete candidates.

Excellent Customer Service

The success of CareersInPharmaceutical.com can be largely attributed to our dedication in providing unrivaled user support in the job board industry. Whether you're a subscriber or candidate, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help. Telephone support is available Monday thru Friday, 8:00am-5pm CST 877-447-0736.

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