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Transdermal Technologies Inc.

1368 North Killian Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33403
(561) 848-2345
Company Information:
Transdermal Technologies Inc., is located at Lake Park, FL and specializes in leveraging its patented rapid-acting, drug-specific, liquid sprayed-on transdermal delivery technology to develop effective alternative delivery systems for valued drugs.
No other company can offer similar, consumer-friendly, dosing-flexible solutions.
The Company's platform technology, TDSĀ® is a patented physio-chemical and mathematical process for designing a system capable of temporarily neutralizing the skin's barrier function, enabling delivery to or through the skin, to local tissues or to the whole body, of a very wide range of compounds with pharmaceutical or cosmetic value.
Transdermal Technologies Inc., believes its platform technology holds enormous long-term clinical and economic potential for treating millions of the industrial and developing world's growing population who will increasingly look to drug therapy as a cost-contained first line of attack.

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